A Short Review of a Short Book

A Short Review of a Short Book

Seth Godin’s book  ‘The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (And When to Stick)’ came to my attention—as so many of my business and leadership ‘reads’ do—as a recommendation from a rusted colleague.  

In this case, a colleague who does significant coaching work with a range of leaders suggested this little volume as input to thinking about a particular coaching client and the challenge she was facing.

What the author does is take a view that is both counter-intuitive and courageous:  wisdom comes from quitting.  By quitting he means that there is thoughtful consideration of where actions are not advancing a longer-term strategy. 

As  Godin writes: “Not giving up your long-term strategy but quitting the tactics that aren’t working”.  In a further point he makes the key point of thoughtful and resilient commitment being necessary especially when “stress of the moment” is difficult to deal with. He goes on to say that “The best quitters…are the ones who decide in advance when they’re going to quit”.

The author urges thoughtfulness and avoiding complacency and that is where I think courage makes the difference.  Knowing when tactics are no longer serving the end-goal and then having the gumption to switch to new approaches is the key message and the point is well made, done in a humorous and engaging conversational tone and all of that in under 80 pages!

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