Great listener and provider of advice and understanding of situations

Ross coaches from a place of understanding where I’m at and what I’m dealing with

Very experienced servant leader [with a] strong belief in building a safe and inclusive environment for counselees

He listens, he’s intuitive and knew what I needed in each session

A diverse range of individual senior clients who were moving into more senior roles in an international professional services firm

… always ready to listen and highly-knowledgeable and responsive

… Excellent at managing egos while also genuine and ‘down-to-earth’

… in a gentle, respectful but clear way, he ‘nudges’ clients to be open to alternate ways of thinking and behaving


Senior Executive and Leader of a Professional Learning and Development Organization Operating Internationally

A pleasure to work with, Ross brings ‘best-in-class’ to all that he does, while integrity, insights and relevant leadership perspectives define his commitment to clients

A Senior Partner in a Global Consultancy

… sees patterns and connections….while remaining humble, trustworthy and diplomatic

… client-focused while also a great collaborator, learning partner and teammate

… passionate, well-read and well-connected, Ross approaches his work from a holistic and systemic stance

A Published Senior Global Coach and Consultant

… uses his deep and broad understanding of business to provide insightful advice and counsel to CEOs and their management teams; drives higher performance across the entire team

… not afraid to have the difficult conversations

… works confidentially as he coaches executives while balancing empathy with clear messaging

A Chief Executive Officer in the Financial Services Sector