• Focus is on integrating behaviours and habits with intended organization impact and outcomes
  • Anchored in clear awareness of what works for the individual today (strengths) and where focused development or enhancement of behaviours and habits will lead to even greater impact
  • Explicit linkage between the coaching priorities and how they apply both to the growth and effectiveness of the individual as well as to achieving the priorities of the organization 
  • Major emphasis on generating sustainable results as quickly as possible
  • Aligning intention with actual workplace outcomes is supported by focused, candid and confidential input from the client’s colleagues (e.g. 360 feedback) to identify major strengths and opportunities to improve personal influence.

The Coaching ‘Contract’:

  • Leadership coaches don’t change people; rather they support individuals in deepening their self-awareness, focusing on priorities and getting the results they want in terms of overall effectiveness in the work setting
  • The personal ‘contract’ between the Client and the Coach is fundamental to an open and trusting relationship. It includes explicit outcomes of the work, how progress will be measured and the respective responsibilities of each party
  • Conversations are confidential; that said, the client is encouraged to share feedback on strengths and developmental points as well as a personal action plan with the sponsor as well as other influencers and colleagues.
  • The commitment from the coach is to be helpful, not judgemental or ‘right’. An approach that is supportive, respectful, challenging and candid at all times is central.  The client responsibility of course is anchored in active engagement in their part of the work.

The Process:

  • The coach assists each client in developing a program which builds on strengths and developmental opportunities and which is reflected in a personal development plan which includes priority objectives, key action steps and milestones to gauge progress against plan.  Typically, coaching programs are of six months duration, with more intensive contact in the initial 2-3 months. 
  • Ongoing coaching sessions are often scheduled on a tri-weekly basis to allow clients to put plans into action and also recognize the demands of organization life.