Organization Change and Team Performance


  • We approach all of our client work by first understanding ‘where’ the organization is at the moment; ‘where’ we might like the organization to be is of no real relevance as we come to understand current complexities and challenges;
  • We have ultimate respect for the client’s perspective; we focus on understanding their priorities, what works well today and what needs to be even more effective in support of organization objectives;
  • We treat information that is shared in a highly-professional and sensitive manner; we emphasize the need to get at underlying challenges (as opposed to ‘symptoms’) but handle all that we learn in a manner that has the highest potential for developing insights and options; and
  • Finally, ‘how’ we work with you is as important as ‘what’ we do with you. We balance a focus on your priorities and required outcomes with a humble and curious mindset. Our job is not to be ‘right’, but rather to be helpful.

Range of Services:

  • Design of Change programs, including active and sustained engagement of stakeholders, overall strategies, critical tactical and operational priorities and approaches to measuring progress;
  • Team initiatives, including effective collaboration, strengthening of effectiveness of communications and the mastery of feedback; and
  • Broader organization development engagements which enlist client leadership directly in identifying priorities and determining key people to assume pivotal roles.